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Corday Lighting provides comprehensive design services for projects of all sizes.

We create a unique environment with innovative lighting technology that will provide safety, energy efficiency, and will enhance your creation’s beauty to new heights. Design Consultations, Fixture and product selection, Schematic design and layout, On site adjustments and focusing, Project documents, specifications, installation requirements, and CAD Drawings

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Design Consultations

  • Fixture and product selection
  • Schematic design and layout
  • Project documents, specifications, installation requirements
  • CAD Drawings
  • On site adjustments and focusing


  • New Construction
  • Remodels


  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Salons
  • Galleries
  • Industrial
  • Wineries
  • Hospitality
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Our customers say it all

Greg is passionate and very knowledgeable about lighting on top of having excellent design eye and customer service skills. I have had the pleasure of having Greg and his team provide lighting for many of my clients from kitchen and baths, full home remodels, and new construction projects. Greg and his team are always there to help me and my clients find the best products to fulfill all of their lighting needs.

Jenny IldefonsoPrincipal Designer at Jentry McGraw Design Associates

Greg Courdy and his merry band of lighting technicians at Corday Lighting are the only specialists I trust to partner with my company in all our lighting endeavors.
From plan design to lighting and lighting controls selection and Title24 compliance consulting, Corday Lighting never leaves us in the dark. I count on them for focused attention and fast turnarounds, and lots of laughs along the way!

If it’s time for a trustworthy supplier for your residential and commercial lighting and lighting controls needs, don’t hesitate to call Corday Lighting- you won’t be sorry.

Jason KristKrist Electric, Inc.

Greg and his team at Corday Lighting have proven to be a valuable local trade partner and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fixtures. They are competitive on pricing and are great about filling in the little details.

Cameron TysonProject Manager at Pacific Eagle Electric

My name is Craig Bartlett, and I am a field construction manager for Christopherson Builders, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much we appreciate having Brittany Call manage our accounts for Corday Lighting. This woman represents your company extremely well, she communicates exceptionally, returns phone calls and e-mails promptly, handles any and all warranty issues without hassle, and is a pleasure to work with. I deal with dozens of sub-contractors and vendors on every aspect of building a new home, and if every vendor had a Brittany handling our accounts, my job would be much easier than it currently is.


Craig BartlettChristopherson Builders

In my 16 years of being a purchasing agent I can honestly say that Corday Lightings customer service is impressive. They answer all my email correspondence within minutes and they always answer the phone. Quotes come back same day and correctly which is even more important. Their design team is cutting edge and is second to none.

Mark JovickO’Rourke Electric
Meet the folks who make it happen.

Greg Courdy


Cornhole boards out back, three kegs freshly tapped inside, a fridge stocked full of ten different types of soda, Kung Fu Friday’s and an endless supply of candy— Some may ask how does Corday get any work done? The answer starts and ends with Corday’s, owner Greg Courdy. “It wouldn’t be us if we didn’t have all that,” says Courdy. “It’s a quirky place, and If you like where you work, it’s not work, it’s fun.” Greg firmly believes “If you see the way this group works together, why would you ever leave?” Separating fun from productive work is a non-factor for the Corday employees. They want to work for Greg because “When I saw how Greg has built things, I realized how successful Corday could be,” said Steven Mota, a Corday employee. “It’s unlike anywhere else I’ve worked, and that’s because of Greg.” Which just speaks to the culture Greg has set at Corday Lighting, or “The Corday Way,” as Greg calls it, one of Greg’s many phrases you’ll hear if you stick around Corday long enough, along with “Corday All Day!” or “It’s a beautiful day at Corday!” Corday All Day, may seem like a silly motto, but to Greg it’s a lifestyle.

Greg starts most days the grind starts at 3 a.m, watching some cartoons and making breakfast for his family, and is in Corday by 4 a.m. ending his days around 5 p.m. or 6 o’clock. Greg says he wouldn’t have it any other way “I don’t sleep I won’t get out hustled. I won’t let anyone outwork us.” Describing someone as a hard worker can usually be monotonous, or looked at with the attitude of “prove it,” but for Greg Courdy it doesn’t take long to notice working hard is embedded within who he is.

Kegs, cornhole and motto’s aside Corday Lighting isn’t just a place of work it’s a family tradition for Greg. The original Corday Lighting started in 1967 on a corner lot in Long Beach, California Greg’s hometown. Corday Lighting was started by Greg’s Aunt Dee Dee, who hired Greg at 15 to help assemble light fixtures and repairs and he never looked back. Starting as a warehouse worker, then moving to sales and working his way up through the industry to owning “Corday 2.0” as he calls it, which is a dream come true situation for Greg. “I know I would be making my Aunt proud, and that means everything to me.” Continuing the legacy of his aunt, is just one aspect of the family environment Greg has installed at Corday. His Daughter, Amanda was Greg’s first employee. They had a small office in a converted house with Amanda’s personal laptop to work from, which Greg can’t help but grin when thinking how far Corday has come. Greg now works with his Son, Tyler and Sister-in-Law, Danielle along with Amanda. “Who wouldn’t want to work with their son and family everyday?” said Greg. “Things just wouldn’t be the same.”

Outside of work, Greg loves to travel with his wife Heather, and his family. He also enjoys playing the game Cornhole— it was his idea to bring cornhole boards, and a Corday cornhole league championship belt to work. Greg also loves watching movies, specifically Westerns. He watches almost two movies each weekend usually before 6 a.m. with one of his famous homemade Bloody Mary’s. Greg is also the Pitmaster of a competition barbeque team, Aces & Eights.

If you couldn’t tell by being in his office, Greg is a diehard Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Royals fan. He has two Troy Aikman jerseys framed in his office along with a personalized baseball from his favorite Royal, Willie Wilson. Greg and Heather have made the trip out to Dallas and Kansas City for Cowboys and Royals games in the past. Greg also doubles as an aspiring instagram model known as #InstaGreg. His signature pose is jumping during his photos— something he’s been seen doing while traveling across the world.

Still with all the aforementioned accolades, it’s hard to limit who Greg is with a simple workplace biography, It just doesn’t do him justice. Seeing Greg in his element at Corday is an experience you’ll have to judge firsthand.

Favorite Work Lunch: SEA Noodle Bar’s Spicy Beef Soup
Favorite Work Snack: String Cheese
Netflix Recommendation: Ozark or Archer
Favorite Disney movie: Jungle Book
Favorite Video Game: Mr Do! Arcade Game
Favorite Comedy Movie: Blazing Saddles or Vacation
Favorite Superhero: Gambit
HBO Series Recommendation: Deadwood
Favorite Cocktail: Dry Martini
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Is a hot dog a sandwich? Yes
Is Cereal soup? No
Dogs or Cats: Cats
Favorite Soda: Barqs Root Beer or Pepsi
Favorite Beer: Boont Amber Ale or Alley Cat Amber Ale

Brittany Call

Lighting Consultant

One of the newest additions to the Corday Lighting family is Brittany Call, a Lighting Design Specialist in the showroom. When it comes to lighting Brittany may be new, but when it comes to the design game she’s a savvy veteran. Before working at Corday, Brittany has an in-depth background in the design and fashion industry of San Francisco. Brittany worked and attended school in San Francisco over the past six years. She graduated with a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Brittany is now bringing her eye from the fashion world into the the lighting game. “There’s more rules in lighting because a lot of it based on functionality and fashion has more of freedom, but design is something that can always be translated with creativity. ”Brittany made the change in lighting because of the feel and fit at Corday, “Everyone brings their own different weirdness to the table, and I love it,” said Brittany, “It’s like a family.”

Away from the office Brittany has a few titles she describes herself as outside of “Lighting Design Specialist.” She’s a taco truck enthusiast (El Roy’s off Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa is her favorite), Instagram-famous dog manager (follow her boxer Gertrude on Instagram, @Gertrudestagram), and chicken wing judge (her favorite wings are locked in at K&L Bistro in Sebastopol— which rank at a 8.7 on a scale created by her and her father). When Brittany isn’t taking photos or her dog “Gertie” or chasing down a new lead on finding the perfect chicken wing she’s captaining her bar-trivia team “Team Biscuits in Gravy” or watching the office (her cat’s names is “Garbage,” she says if you’re an Office diehard you’ll understand the meaning behind the name). Brittany is also a fan of local craft breweries, board games (she says she’s a fierce board game competitor, especially “Trouble”) and Kentucky Wildcats college basketball.

Come down to Corday and visit “Britt” because she’ll “make your house look lit,” as she puts it with a smirk.

Favorite Work Snack: Goldfish
Netflix recommendation: The Nineties
Favorite Disney movie: Emperors New Groove or Goofy Movie
Favorite Childhood Show/Cartoon: Lizzie McGuire
Favorite Comedy Movie: White Chicks
HBO Series Recommendation: Dexter (Showtime)
Favorite sports team: Golden State Warriors & Kentucky Wildcats
Music recommendation: Led Zeppelin
Favorite Craft Brewery: Cooperage
Favorite Beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Favorite Cocktail: Vodka Collins

Tommy Call

Social Media / Marketing

“Standing in at 6’4” and weighting in at 215LBS iiiiiiiittttttttttssssss TOMMY CALL!!” That’s just what you might hear on any one of the several sports talk shows he’s on.

Tommy is a man of many jobs. A sports talk show host, a sports writer for several different publications, and the host of his very own podcast. When he’s not serving up sports knowledge, he joins us at CORDAY as an in- house social media specialist. Tommy graduated from Sonoma State in 2017 with a degree in Communications & Digital Studies and has been building his skill set ever since.

Outside of his many jobs, Tommy enjoys playing cornhole, getting creative in the kitchen and washing down his creations with a craft brew. Don’t let his large stature fool you, Tommy is a total softy who’s never met a dog he didn’t like.

Favorite Beer: Anything from Cooperage
Favorite Cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants
Favorite Movie: Suberbad
Favorite Band: Mac Miller
Favorite Saying: Not really a favorite but Tommy can’t help but say “like” nonstop
Favorite Thing to Cook: “Anything for my Lady” but especially party appetizers
Favorite Xman: Gambit

Danielle McLeod


Trying to schedule an interview with Corday Lighting’s senior account manager, Danielle “Dee” McLeod wasn’t an easy task. Finally after sitting down with Danielle, our interview was interrupted by four different people asking four different questions. That, plus the endless phone calls and emails is just another day for Danielle at Corday.

It’s safe to say Danielle wears many different hats at Corday Lighting and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Danielle is Greg’s sister-in-law and loves the trust and responsibility Greg gives her at Corday. To Danielle working with family just means more.

One of Danielle’s favorite parts about Corday is country music Monday of course, as she is one of Corday’s loyal country music listeners. She’s seen Tim McGraw around 13 times in concert and is excited to see him again at Country Summer in Santa Rosa. Right now Danielle’s country recommendation would be “Old Dominion.”

Away from Corday Danielle is one of Corday’s best athletes. She was a former division one softball player at Long Beach State where she got to play third base in the NCAA college world series. Danielle also plays in a competitive bowling league. She’s just got her own cornhole bags and is slowly learning how to dominate that game too. Danielle is a diehard Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Dodgers fan. She loves to watch the games with her sister, Heather while having a nice glass of wine from La Creama Winery.

Danielle is also the owner of Corday’s puppy mascot, “Jakey Jake.” Danielle loves that she get’s to bring in her dog Jake each day to work with her. The contractors who come in always stop by Danielle’s office for a quick visit with Jake.

Come by Corday Lighting to meet Danielle and her dog, Jake. Maybe challenge her to a game cornhole if you dare.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Favorite Sports Team: LA Dodgers & Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Soda: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Lunch to get at work: Royal China
Favorite Work Snack: Pretzels
Netflix Recommendation: The Office
Favorite Comedy Movie: Vacation
Favorite Childhood Show: Facts of Life

Matthew Steele

Lighting Specialist

Open the front door of Corday Lighting, and first person you’ll see will be Matthew Steele, Corday’s Customer Service Manager and Lighting Specialist. You can’t miss his 6’4 stature or flowing blonde hair and if you hang around long enough you’ll get the chance to hear Matthew sing— one of Corday’s staples, Matthew’s endless singing. It can be Hank Williams Jr, Britney Spears, Thomas Rhett, NSYNC*, Blink 182 or Metallica and Matthew randomly, (and sometimes awkwardly) knows the words.

Matthew has been around Corday since the beginning, as he one of Corday’s first hires. Matthew started in the Warehouse at 20 years old, and is now “one of the smartest young lighting specialist West of the Mississippi,” says Greg Courdy, Corday’s Owner. “It’s been fun seeing all the people come through and seeing this place grow,” says Matthew. It’s one of the things Matthew is proud of, being one of Corday’s originals.

Matthew considers himself a fast food connoisseur— “Fast food is best food,” as Matthew puts it. He loves Arby’s, Popeye’s and Carl’s Jr., but he somehow hates In-N-Out Burger? He calls it “mush burger,” (something I have trouble even typing out). One of his favorite parts about Corday is the fact the fridge is always stocked with a bevy of cold soda (his favorites are Coke and Squirt). Although Matthew has a devout commitment to fast food, he’ll implore you to try Aztec Grill inside the Chevron gas station off HWY 12 in Santa Rosa, as he claims it has the best tacos in Sonoma County. We even had to take a work trip to Aztec Grill so we could try tacos with Matthew, he loves them so much.

When Matthew isn’t waiting in a fast food line he’s tending to one of his several animals; he has two dogs, three cats, three donkeys, a miniature horse and “a bunch” of chickens. He also loves to play video games (when he was a kid, he wanted to be a video game maker). Matthew is also into sports, but mainly just when the Dallas Cowboys lose so he can make fun of Greg, “Watching the Cowboys lose is one of the most fulfilling things in all of sports,” says Matthew.

Come to Corday to crack a soda with Matthew, but stay to hear the singing and fast food takes.

Hometown: Santa Rosa
Netflix recommendation: The Castlevania
Favorite Disney movie: Fox and The Hound
Favorite Alcohol: Makers Mark
Favorite Cartoon: Fairly Oddparents
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Music recommendation: Avenged Sevenfold
Is a hot dog a sandwich? No
Favorite sports team: LA Dodgers & Minnesota Vikings
Video Game Recommendation: Dark Souls

Tyler Courdy

Customer Service / RGA Department

When Tyler isn’t on the beat he’s diving deep into one of his favorite video games. Tyler’s favorite game of all time is “Bio Shock”, but he’s currently locked in on “Hero of the Storm.” Outside of video games, Tyler enjoys comics featuring his favorite superhero, Spiderman. Tyler is also a fierce movie critic with one of his favorites being “Airplane.” And if you don’t think “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie you better come to Corday prepared for battle because Tyler disagrees vehemently.

When it comes to food, Tyler has a bit of a sweet tooth. He loves his sister, Amanda’s homeade brownies and funfetti cake. When it comes to the best candy argument around the office, Tyler has the best answer— ``Reese’s shapes`` (ie: Trees, Pumpkins, Eggs) aka the seasonal themed Reeses take the throne in Tyler’s book. Tyler loves himself a slice of pizza, but he’s a traditionalist so don’t bring him a pie with pineapple, he likes pepperoni straight up.

Where are you from: La Palma
Restaurant recommendation: Round Table Pizza
Favorite candy: Seasonal Reese (pumpkins, trees, etc)
Favorite work snack: Belvita
Netflix recommendation: Hero’s
Favorite Christmas movie: Die Hard
Favorite Disney movie: Aladdin
Favorite Childhood Show: Dragon Ball Z
Favorite Comedy Movie: Airplane
Video Game Recommendation: The Fallout Series
Favorite Superhero: Spider Man
Dogs or Cats: Dogs
Christmas or Halloween: Christmas
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Is a hot dog a sandwich? No
Is Cereal soup? No

Steven Mota

AV / Automation Specialist

Trudge into the deep back corner of the Corday Lighting showroom and you’ll find Steven Mota, Corday’s AV and Automation Specialist. Why is his office tucked away in the back corner you ask? Well, it’s his favorite part about working at Corday— having his own office away from everyone, he says somewhat jokingly (It has a full bar, and a custom made DeadMaus head— so it’s no joke of an office to say the least). Steven and Greg go way back, as they worked together before Greg hired Steven at Corday about three years ago— he’s one of the originals. Ask Steven a fun fact about himself, and he’ll tell you with a cryptic smirk, “My fun fact, is I have no fun facts,” and that’s basically the best way to describe Steven Mota, a man of few words and many dry jokes.

If you want to get on Steven’s good side just bring him by a craft beer as that is one of his favorite things. He says Russian River’s “Row 2” Simcoe Pale Ale is one of his favorites and “It’s better than Pliny.”

Steven may be modest when it comes to office banter (or interview questionnaires) but, when it comes to working hard Corday’s Owner Greg Courdy says definitively there is no better “When it comes to hard work he’s a 12 on a scale of 1-10,” says Owner, Greg Courdy.

Hometown: Healdsburg
Netflix Recommendation: Black Mirror & F is For Family
Favorite Taproom: Henhouse
Music Recommendation: Run The Jewels
Favorite Disney Movie: Aladdin
Favorite HBO Series: Game of Thrones
Favorite Cartoon as a Kid: Ninja Turtles
Favorite Sports Team: The Oakland Raiders
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Melanie Jovick

Lighting Specialist

Melanie Jovick’s official title at Corday Lighting, but that doesn’t really do Melanie justice for her role here at Corday. “She does *bleeping* everything,” say’s Owner Greg Courdy. “There isn’t a pitch she can’t hit. When she steps to the plate at Corday, she just knocks it out of the park,” said Courdy. Melanie takes a lot of pride in her ability to adapt. “You learn something new everyday at Corday,” says Jovick. “It’s beautiful chaos, and I love it.” Along working with some of her coworkers, the constant change at Corday is one of her favorite parts about the job.

If you walk by Melanie’s desk you’ll notice that she likes the color pink. Pink pens, pink highlighters and pink sticky notes, but if you look at Melanie’s hair you’ll notice quickly that she doesn’t only like the color pink, she loves it. Her hair has been pink on and off since she was 12. But a fun fact about Melanie is pink actually isn’t her favorite color— purple is. Confused? Me too, but Melanie differentiates pink as her “happy color,” a color that brings her job, while purple is her favorite.

Away from work Melanie is a fan of the Italian pasta Gnocchi, Netflix and her cat, George, named after George Costanza from Seinfeld. Melanie and the Corday crew recently took a trip to Disneyland together, one of Melanie’s favorite places. She said it was a “hot mess, but amazing.” Melanie is very close with her family, one of the reasons she loves working at Corday, because of Corday’s family atmosphere. “It’s one big chaotic, loving family.” said Jovick.

Favorite Work Snack: Costco Trail Mix
Netflix recommendation: A Series of Unfortunate Events or Queer Eye
Favorite Disney movie: Tangled, Big Hero 6, Lilo & Stitch
Favorite Childhood Show/Cartoon: Angry Beavers & Lizzie McGuire
Favorite Comedy Movie: Step Brothers
HBO Series Recommendation: Big Little Lies
Favorite Sports Team: Miami Dolphins & San Francisco Giants
Music Recommendation: Betty Who
Favorite Soda: Diet Dr. Pepper

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Team Members

Greg Courdy: Owner/ Senior Lighting Specialist
Danielle McLeod: Controller
Greg Castora: Warehouse Manager
Steven Mota : AV/ Automation Specialist
Melanie Jovick: Lighting Specialist
Brittany Call: Lighting Consultant
Matthew Steele: Lighting Specialist
Tommy Call: Social Media / Marketing
Tyler Courdy: Customer Service
Dalton Goodrum: Warehouse